Original Chicken Drinker Small

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Original Chicken Drinker   Small

The Original Chicken Drinker provides pristine water for your flock and keeps the coop clean and dry.  It features our unique horizontal water nipple that will not drip or freeze. a no-slip handle and an easy-fill lid.  Simply teach your birds to drink by tapping the solid stainless-steel trigger to fill the small water reservoir and watch until one bird drinks - the others will follow!  The bucket is food-safe and UV-resistant, and can be hung or set at ground level.  The lid is cut-out to accommodate a de-icer for winter use.  The Chicken Drinker is easily assembled by screwing the included water nipples into pre-drilled holes and snapping on the lid.   Assembly instructions are provided on the product label.

2 Gallon with 2 nipples – Suitable for up to 10 chickens.

10" x 10" x 10"