About Us

All ‘Bout Chickens was founded by a single mom and novice chicken keeper who needed a way to provide clean and dependable water source for her chicken flock.  All the waterers she tried dripped, spilled, froze or were easily contaminated, requiring daily cleaning and refills.  Unable to find an effective solution on the market, she invented a waterer that prevents dirty water, a messy coop and winter ice.  The Original Hanging Chicken Drinker was the first product in our expanding line of poultry waterers and accessories designed to provide an all-season pristine water source for poultry.  Each product offers a simple and sturdy solution for common poultry watering problems.

We've been happily tending our flock now for five years.  We're proud to offer you products that work for us and make chicken-keeping easy and fun.  Be sure check out our Product How-To page for product assembly instructions and demonstrations!